ARTiculated Faith Journaling

30 days of journaling about You and your personal faith…

Create a sacred space for your Self within the confines of your Hobonichi or Traveler’s Notebook. We all jump on the planner bandwagon and buy! buy! buy! Once we get our beauties home, we have the best intentions for them. But let’s be real:

We all have journals that sit and collect dust because they weren’t what we thought or we decided to “downsize” and only carry one book…

Whatever the case may be, this is your opportunity to pick up that hobo or TN that’s been sitting there waiting to be loved on. I am using a Hobonichi Techo Planner — their A6 English version of the Original Hobonichi Techo (which is in Japanese). This is also the book that inspired the creation of our Connected Cre8tivitea business and notebook cover line. I will also be using my Personal sized TN with Jolteon on the cover. This is one of my 3 EDCs (yes, I do carry 3 TNs every day and I’m about to add a hobonichi to the daily line up!).

ARTiculated Faith Journaling is a daily journaling journey through your faith, whatever that may be. Similar to Bible Journaling made popular through groups like Illustrated Faith, but not limited to the Bible (or any “holy book”). We journal in our TNs or hobos and we use passages from our heart. These passages may or may not be your favorite Bible quotes. They could be inspirational passages from Rumi. Maybe they are simply words of inspiration laid on your soul through the whisperings of your heart. Whatever they are, they should be expressed in a sacred space that you will create for your Self and your words through daily prompts.

Simple memes that are designed to evoke thought. Thoughts of what you feel within about whatever it is you are feeling in that moment. Inspirational quotes designed to, well, inspire… There is no right way or wrong way to do this challenge. There is only one rule:

You must use a hobonichi or TN (any size) for your daily journaling.

Why a hobo or TN? Because these are small journals designed to be EDCs (every day carry). Keeping your ARTiclated Faith Journal with you means you will be able to work on the prompts wherever you are. There is no requirement to make art pages — although it’s highly recommended! I do encourage you to at least use different colored pens/pencils to bring a bit of life to your words. Splash a quick layer of watercolor down before you write. You will be amazed at how much that enhances your page and highlights your writing. Or just simply write. The choice is yours, I just encourage you to do so every day…

So — where are the prompts you ask???

The prompts are posted on the blog. One a day, every day. And before you start making excuses — I am no Superwoman nor do I strive to be! I work full-time outside of my home, I own an art gallery, am the Slammaster for the #1 nationally ranked poetry slam team, I have 3 sons and a granddaughter, I am an artist and an author, I am a wife and I have 2 cats and a dog! I am also about to go back to school, am a Mago Scholar, and I am taking a couple of creative workshops for myself.

So there’s no excuse for why you can’t do this vital work…

These next 30 days are Divine Intervention days where you are to motivate yourself. You were motivated enough to come here to this blog to see the day’s prompt. Put pen to page and make it do what it do for you. You will be happy that you pushed forward without an outside influence. How good will it feel to know that you did it for your Self?

Frickin’ awesome dude!

The first prompt is located in the “Welcome September…” blog post. All future prompts will be listed in blog posts with (AFJ) proceeding their title. They will also be tagged with “AFJ” so that you can easily search on the tag or select the ARTiculated Faith Journaling category and find them there. Lastly, if you Follow my blog, you will get e-mailed each time their is a new post (so the daily prompts will be delivered to your e-mail daily rather than you coming here to look for them!).

Do your Self a favor and sign up for the e-mails! One less thing for you to have to remember to do or go check that way…

Looking forward to ARTiculating my personal faith through journaling with you this year!


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